Bride and groom want wedding ceremony to begin at 5.30am; causes uproar 1 year ago

Bride and groom want wedding ceremony to begin at 5.30am; causes uproar

Would you want to go to a wedding at 5.30 in the morning?

We're guessing the majority answer is no - because between getting ready and travelling you'd more than likely have to get up in the middle of the night.


Not ideal.

However, this soon-to-be husband and wife can't understand why their families are unhappy with them for choosing an early start time.

The groom took to Reddit to explain that she sun rising means a lot to him and his partner, but their families are just not having it and want a more "normal" time.

The man explained:

"Every year on our anniversary, my fiance and I wake up early to go to the beach and watch the sunrise together. It's a very special tradition, as we have both overcome a number of personal challenges during our time together, and the symbolism of watching a new day begin is deeply meaningful for us."

He continued to say that he wants to incorporate the tradition into his wedding day and has even asked the local restaurant if they can accommodate them.

"Our plan is to have our ceremony on the beach the and have everyone walk over to a beachfront restaurant for breakfast, bloody Marys and mimosas (we've already talked to the restaurant owner about this, who loves the idea and said he'd be happy to open early for us). After that, everyone is free for the remainder of the day."


He finished by saying that he doesn't think they're being unreasonable... at all.

"We've been getting a LOT of backlash from our families about this, who say this is way too early and we need to move the ceremony to a more "normal" time of day. But my fiance and I don't feel like we're asking for anything that unreasonable."

There were many replies to the thread, with some saying they were crazy to start a wedding so early. However, the most popular answer was this one, as it was fair to everyone:

"A good solution is to have a private ceremony with you and your fiancé at 5:30, and then have a second ceremony at a more reasonable time for the guests. The first one can be just the two of you reciting your vows to each other, or the two of you with a willing officiant and a handful of close friends/relatives who are willing to join."