This Bridezilla fired two of her bridesmaids for the most awful reason 4 years ago

This Bridezilla fired two of her bridesmaids for the most awful reason

This is shocking.

There is often a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing bridesmaids to be part of your wedding and sometimes it can cause upset among people who were not chosen.


However, we've never heard anything like this before and there is no excuse for it.

One Reddit user, shared her horrifying story of being excluded from her friend's wedding after she was asked to be a bridesmaid.

The woman, who goes by throwittothewolves60 on Reddit explains that she was initially told she could no longer be bridesmaid due to lack of groomsmen. She later learned the real, incredibly offensive reason.

''I just discovered that my (27F) friend (28F) removed me and another friend (27F) as bridesmaids because she didn't like how our dark skin looked in the bridesmaid dresses'' she said.

She elaborated on the situation saying:

"A month after the wedding, one of the bridesmaids was venting to me about how the bride still hadn't paid for the catering that her boyfriend did and how angry she was about it.

During this conversation, she casually lets it slip that the real reason we were removed from the wedding was because I (South Asian) and my friend (Black) had dark skin, and she preferred how the dresses looked on pale skin. I still haven't told the other removed bridesmaid about this revelation," she said.

Other Reddit users, were rightfully outraged by this story, calling the bride-to-be 'racist' and 'toxic'.


''This is not a friend you want to have. My friend is a professional power lifter and looked like a ridiculous baby gorilla crammed into my groomsman's outfit. Didn't make an ounce of difference because he's my friend and I wanted him beside me.'' HiAiNiSi said.

''Then she isn't a real friend, I wouldn't even bother going to the wedding if she is that shallow.'' outamyhead added.