Bride says vegans can 'bring their own food' to her wedding 3 years ago

Bride says vegans can 'bring their own food' to her wedding

Weddings can be difficult to organise.

There's so many things to think about from the venue, to the dress, the flowers and the rings. It's a lot.


It's easy to see why brides can get stressed out when they have to think of all these things; but, there is stressed out and then there's bridezilla mode.

According to the Metro, a bride took to a closed Facebook group about weddings to ask advice on her wedding food.

She says that she didn't put down any options on her invitations, however two friends RSVP'd asking if there were going to be any vegan options at the meal.

In the Facebook post, the bride said she was "irked" by the replies and said that if any vegans attend her wedding they can bring their own food.


"Nowhere on the RSVP does it ask what guests want to eat at the reception. Nowhere.

"We are not making special food accommodations. If our parents needed something, sure. Them? No. They can bring their own food or order from the restaurant property (but it’s BBQ lol) at their own cost."

There were a lot of mixed responses to the post, but the majority said that the bride and groom should inform their guests of the menu on the day.

One comment read: "They’re important enough for me that I’m inviting them to my wedding, I want to make sure they have a good time, which means allowing them to have something they can eat."