You can now get a sand-proof blanket just in time for summer beach trips 1 year ago

You can now get a sand-proof blanket just in time for summer beach trips

Fed up of traipsing sand through the house days after going to the beach?

Picture it.


You're just back after spending the day on the beach. Your skin is warm, your hair is still wet and your heart is full after getting some much needed sea air into your body.

But then you remember. The beach stuff.

Somewhere in the boot is the bag filled with your towels and blanket and no matter how well you shake it out, it will never be enough, and for the next few days a steady stream of sand will make its way into your home.

Well, thanks to a new sand-proof blanket those days could potentially be over.


The ISOPHO Beach Blanket is available on Amazon, and, with over 3,000 positive reviews, it's proven to be a bit of a hit.

The blanket, which costs £17.99 (€21.16), is made from the patented anti-wrinkle 2102 polyester material, a soft fabric which repels sand and water, allowing you to sun-bathe in peace.

Additionally, the blanket is heat-insulating, so you're bound to stay nice and cosy. Ideal for the unpredictable Irish summer.


Now, if you were worried that a blanket of this nature would be bulky and heavy to transport, fret not, because, apparently, it folds down to the size of a mobile phone, but can fit several people on top of it once spread.

Incredible scenes.

According to the product's reviews, the ISOPHO Beach Blanket appears to be a bit of a winner.

One customer wrote: "This blanket doesn't disappoint. The material is thin which allows it to fold to a small compact size. The blanket bag can't be lost as it is stitched to the blanket. Also included are ground pegs which is nice!"


Another described it as brilliant "due to its large size and great quality".

The product is available right here.