You can now get slippers made that look EXACTLY like your dog 5 months ago

You can now get slippers made that look EXACTLY like your dog

We NEED these.

First we had pyjamas that you could get pictures of your pet printed onto - or even a set that matches with your pooch.

And then there were the pet leotards, which were incredibly adorable.

Now, one company in the United States have gone above and beyond to create the ultimate item for pet lovers.

Cuddle Clones  have announced that you can now get a pair of slippers that look exactly like your dog or cat.

And yes, we mean exactly.

The footwear is "super soft and comfortable" and "handmade just to look like your pet", according to the description.

If you're worried that the slippers may not look like your furry friend, the company guarantees 100 per cent satisfaction or you get your money back.

The slippers are fairly pricey at €172 ($199) and take eight weeks to ship on regularly delivery.

However, you can pay an additional charge to get the slippers delivered in six, four or even two weeks.

And if you're tempted to get a pair, there's some good news - they do ship internationally.12

Although, if you don't fancy the slippers but still want a tribute to your furry friend, the company also offer the option to create a customisable clone of your pet for €216 ($249).