You can now spend the night in The Fresh Prince of Belair's gaff 1 year ago

You can now spend the night in The Fresh Prince of Belair's gaff

Will Smith wants fans to make some new memories in his old gaff and we're all for it!

It was the house of dreams of my childhood, big white and filled with laughs. And now you can actually rent this place out on Airbnb.


Will Smith rocked up to the front door of this place 30 years ago and now he's decided to become an Airbnb host and rent the iconic Belair mansion out to lucky fans who want to turn it up Fresh Prince style.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to book the next flight to LA and put my feet up in Belair for the week, that pool is calling my name!

On September 29 groups of LA residents will have the chance to book one of five nostalgic stays in Will’s wing of the home in October for only $30 a night.

Guests will have access to Will’s bedroom, a poolside lounge area and a ridiculously elegant dining room. That will do!


The stay will also include some Fresh Prince experiences like basket ball in the bedroom, spinning some Jazzy Jeff classics on the turntables, chilling by the pool and getting kitted out in a fly look from Will's closet.

Oh, and Jazzy Jeff will be there to welcome them all to the mansion for their stay (virtually, of course) and will also be offering online DJ classes so that fans around the world can get in on the fun too.

So even if you can't make it stateside you can log on and get some tips from the master. Excellent news all round.

Now, we just need to get to LA in time. Somehow.


You can find out more about the stay (and lament the fact that you probably won't be able to avail of it)  here.