Cancer survivor shares photo of her breast tattoo to inspire others 6 years ago

Cancer survivor shares photo of her breast tattoo to inspire others

Meet Alison Habbal.

The Sydney native has been through a gruelling battle against breast cancer involving a lumpectomy, that was then followed by a course of chemotherapy.


The lumpectomy was necessary to remove a tumour and Alison also lost her right nipple.

Thirty-six-year-old Alison could have had nipple reconstruction surgery but instead, she chose to get a tattoo.

Speaking to the BBC about this decision, she said:

"I didn't want a fake nipple made from some other piece of flesh. I thought I'm just going to get a tattoo.

"During the year I was sick I had the idea of me with the blonde crop and the tattoo. The whole time I was sick I would trawl tattoo artists over the internet".


She contacted talented tattoo artist Makkala Rose and together, they came up with a beautiful floral design which Alison had inked on her right breast.

To take back power over her own body against the deadly beast that is cancer, Alison documented the process on social media.


Taking to both Instagram and Facebook, she shared images of her tattoos to inspire other people going through the same thing.

The tattoo took 13 hours to complete and although it looks quite painful, it's clear that the tattoo was a cathartic process for this brave breast cancer survivor.

Although breasts and nipples are normally censored on social media, this isn't an option with Alison's photo because the tattoo covers the area:

"Because there's no nipple, I can blast it everywhere all over Facebook and Instagram, and they can't censor it, which I think is really funny".


Alison said she was "so happy" to get the lump removed and the relief she felt was an immensely powerful feeling.

"When I got it removed, I was so happy. I've never been so happy in my life. It probably wasn't the normal reaction - I didn't mind the scar".

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