Channel 4 looking for wannabe dog owners for new dog rescue show 9 months ago

Channel 4 looking for wannabe dog owners for new dog rescue show

BRB, filling out an application as we speak.

Dream job alert, Channel 4 is currently on the lookout for wannabe dog owners to join their show The Dog House.


The series will follow Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, as they match rescue dogs with potential dog owners.

Channel 4 posted the casting call on their website.

It reads: "We're heading back to Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, where the team of expert dog-matchers are ready to introduce you to your perfect pooch.

"We're looking for people who can offer a lifelong home to a rescue dog, and would be happy to share their reasons for doing so."


To apply, head to the website, right here.

Previous episodes of the series interviewed dog owners to determine why they chose to adopt a pooch. Many people welcome animals into their lives for a variety of reasons, including companionship, to encourage exercise and just sheer love of dogs.

In Ireland, the pandemic saw a huge rise in pet ownership. Animal charities like The Dog's Trust and the DSPCA saw a significant increase in queries relating to adoption throughout 2020.


If you're uncomfortable being on camera but still on the hunt for a job in the canine field, then fear not!

A company in Manchester is currently looking for someone to play with puppies for a living.

Yappy, an online retailer that sells personalised items for cats and dogs, recently put out the job spec for "Chief Puppy Officer".

The role, which pays £24,000 per year, would require a dog-lover to join them in their Manchester office to keep a group of puppies entertained.


It would also involve some light admin duties, market research and the provision of written feedback for the company.

For more on that role and information on how to apply, click here.