How to cope in this humidity: From sleeping better to dealing with frizzy hair! 1 month ago

How to cope in this humidity: From sleeping better to dealing with frizzy hair!

It's the HUMIDITY!

You will have to be living under a rock if you haven't noticed the humidity levels have gone way up here in Ireland and even if you lived under a rock I think you'd still feel it.

Instagram is alive with people complaining about their extra frizzy hair and having trouble sleeping in the heat.

Now we are lucky because it is nowhere near as hot here as it is in the UK, they are literally boiling over there. In fact Ireland would be considered a freezer in comparison to our neighbours who have been literally melting all day long!

Nevertheless it is still hotter than we're used to and a few of us are going to go a bit mad if we don't get some shut eye over the next while! So we have some tips and tricks that all hopefully come in handy fo you.


The biggest problems people are facing when it comes to the humidity is sleeping. Best tips are to put your pillow case in the freezer and sleep in natural fabrics. We don't have to tell you to take your duvet off the bed, we presume you already have!

A sleeping expert in the UK, Dr Simran Deo, told the Mirror Online, she said: “Try wearing clothing made of natural fibres such as linens and silks, or even sleeping naked."

TV presenter Stacey Solomon revealed a hack on Loose Women that she has been doing at night to help with hot temperatures, she's been having a cool bath before bed.

Working from home

Another tip to keep in mind when you're working from home, start earlier in the morning when it's a bit cooler and socks and shoes will only add to the heat so get those feet out and stay cool at home!

If you have any hot water bottles lying around, fill them with ice and that will keep you pretty cool while sitting around the house!

Drink plenty of water during the day to stay hydrated. Have water with you no matter where you are and freeze a few bottles so that you can have them nice and cold when you take them out with you and go for a walk.

Frizzy hair

Now on to hair which I for one have issues with when humidity lands in my life. We all remember Monica from Friends! We may not be able to completely get rid of your frizzy hair but we can hopefully help!

Well hair experts say if you wash your hair with cooler water it helps maximize glossiness and manageability. Go as cold as you can in the shower, it's yup to you!

Also if you apply a protective layer over your hair with styling products that can also help with your daytime frizz.