Coronavirus: businesses and restaurants offer help to those in need across Ireland 1 year ago

Coronavirus: businesses and restaurants offer help to those in need across Ireland

Extremely kind gestures during such uncertain times.

Self isolating is tough. So is cancelling plans, practicing good social distancing, and a lot of the time, even working from home can be a bit of a hassle.


But for most of us, the next few weeks won't be all that difficult. Our days will be disrupted, but we'll get on with it.

This, unfortunately, will not be the case for the many emergency service workers, HSE frontline staff, nurses, and doctors who will continue to do their utmost to lessen the spread of the coronavirus over the next few weeks.

Nor will it be the case for the vulnerable among us; the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, and those who live in more isolated parts of the country who may struggle more so than others.

And yet, despite the bouts of panic and concern that have arisen following yesterday's statement from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, members of the public have continued to band together to provide whatever relief they can to those who need it most.

Multiple restaurants, shops, and individuals have already taken to Twitter to offer up free food, assistance, and support to the more vulnerable members of our communities - as well the staff members who are working round the clock to tackle the coronavirus spread.

Here's some of the goodness that has been happening, both on and offline, so far.


Free home delivery for those in self isolation:

Free meals for those struggling in the mid-west: 


Dinner deliveries for elderly in Clare from Hotel Doolin:

Free meals for medical staff in Dublin's The Vintage Kitchen:


Free nationwide soup deliveries to the over 65s in need: 


Home delivery services for the elderly in east Belfast: 

Free hot drinks for all emergency services and HSE frontline workers:

Circle K will be offering free tea and coffee across their stores until March 29.

Free dog care for all medical staff in Cork:

Vehicle maintenance for the vulnerable or elderly in Clare, totally free of charge: 

Elsewhere in Scotland, public transport staff are offering to check in on their elderly customers: 

And in Falkirk, a corner shop is offering its elderly customers free hand sanitiser: 

You too can lend a hand to the elderly, the vulnerable, or those working at the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic by offering to deliver shopping, pick up supplies, pay a visit, or even just have a chat.

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