Dating expert reveals the five qualities that are absolutely vital for a long-term relationship 5 years ago

Dating expert reveals the five qualities that are absolutely vital for a long-term relationship

Nobody said a relationship was ever going to be easy.

While it’s fun, exciting and comforting, a relationship also requires a lot of time, energy and effort.


When it comes down to it, you should both love and care enough about each other to want to build a strong relationship where both parties feel supported.

Dating expert Tyler Leslie decided to define the five non-negotiables every couple needs to have to remain in a strong, stable and happy relationship.

Writing for mindbodygreen, Leslie admits that although sharing these qualities is the ideal scenario, nothing stops you from working on your relationship now to build a stronger foundation for tomorrow.

Here are the five areas every couple should feel are secure in their relationship:


Affection doesn’t just mean the physical acts of being in a relationship. According to Leslie, being emotionally affectionate is just as important as the physical element, and could be as simple as asking after their day or holding their hand.



Leslie adds:

“There are many ways to show affection, and you should pay extra attention to figure out which ones your partner seems to respond to most.”


No relationship is perfect, but a happy long-term pairing means both people are willing to do what it takes to keep things on track.

Which explains how the trait of empathy is the second characteristic required to see your relationship through its rough days.


Empathy, or understanding and relating to someone’s feelings or perceptions, will help a couple make healthy resolutions to their arguments and fights.

By taking the time to remove your own feelings from the situation and take your partner’s into consideration, you greatly increase the likelihood of embracing a supportive, communicative relationship.


It’s pretty well documented that for any relationship to grow, you need to trust each other. That means keeping every promise, making a conscious effort to protect one another and being open and honest.


couple with coffee cups

Leslie explains:

“Being honest with your partner and carrying through with your word will go a long way in building the trust you two share. If you promise your partner something, you need to do everything in your power to fulfill that promise — no matter what.”



We all know the importance of communication and avoiding the silent treatment, but Leslie notes that every successful couple are open to one another.

This could be from suggestions for dinner plans or future decisions as a couple to being willing to hear every option.

Nobody feels supported in a relationship where it’s always one person’s decision.


It might sound obvious, but unless you’re committed to your other half, every other quality is moot.

Understanding that you won’t always be on the same page is important, but so is realising and proving that you’re in it together.


Take time to value one another, and realise that if you can fully-commit to a person, the other qualities are likely to fall into place themselves.