The definitive guide to keeping spiders out of your home this winter 1 year ago

The definitive guide to keeping spiders out of your home this winter

Lads, it's getting cold now.

It is. It doesn't matter that it's supposed to be autumn. It's been winter ever since the end of August and we simply must deal with it.


There are a few things that have confirmed without a doubt that the cruelest month is indeed upon us: the intense cold, the dark afternoons, and the constant presence of spiders.

They're everywhere. Above your shower, by your oven, in the corner of the single room you're paying €760 for in Stoneybatter.

Everywhere - and although we can't blame them for simply seeking out the warmth during these trying times, we can wish that they weren't there. Or, indeed, figure out some ways to kick them out.

The lads over at Tombola, thankfully, feel our pain and they've put together a handy list of ways to banish the pesky lads without doing them any harm.


They've also done some relevant research and discovered that spiders are actually the most common creature hanging about our gaffs this time of year, followed by ants, cockroaches, and rats. Cool.

Anyway, we needn't fear because there's a plethora of ways (four) that we can keep our homes spider-free this winter.

This is them:


1. Keep your house clean

Spiders like the dark so clearing any clutter and regularly vacuuming corners will stop them from building a web and hiding out.

2. Get rid of the gaps

Patch up any holes and gaps in your home's doors and windows, or cracks and crevices in walls where spiders might be able to sneak in.


3. Goodbye plants, you've been nice

Keep your doorways clear of rocks, plants and shrubbery. Although we all love a plant or two, these are ideal hiding places for spiders, so when you open your door it’s a quick simple and short scurry for them to enter your home.

However, keeping plants further away means it’s harder for them to reach indoors, so you can still have a few elsewhere.

4. Get spraying

Spiders don’t like the smell of peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus or tea-tree, so make a spray with 15-20 drops of any of these essential oils and water and spritz around corners and cracks in your home.


You can find out more ways to keep other insects out of your home here.