Our definitive guide to surviving life as a broke student 1 year ago

Our definitive guide to surviving life as a broke student

Brought to you by Iarnród Éireann.

The struggle is real.

There's nothing quite like the effort of living day to day as a student. And a broke one at that. You're trying to juggle college classes, hanging out with friends, nights out, studying (maybe), and possibly a part-time job (if you're lucky), all with little to no money.

When it was us, we were scraping by every day, always looking for new ways to save every last penny. So, like the good people we are, we are going to pass our hard-earned knowledge down to you. So maybe you won't have to struggle quite as much as we did. But, let's be real, you probably will.

We'll do our best to help you though. So here it is - our definitive guide to surviving life as a broke student in Ireland.

Plan your shopping time

Do NOT - we repeat - do NOT go food shopping on an empty stomach. It's a money-spending disaster waiting to happen. Set out a regular shopping time and make sure to eat before you go. For maximum money saving, go shopping in the evening when there are end-of-day discounts. 50 cent tiger bread? Yes please!

Get better mobile deals

If you see a particularly good deal somewhere, tell your provider about it. Chances are they'll cough up a better package than the one you have to make sure you stay with them. Sure it's worth a shot and it saves you the hassle of changing provider.

Use those reusables!

Reusable items are great for the environment and, lucky for us, great for our bank accounts too. Buying bottled water in shops can rack up a hefty cost pretty quickly - invest in a reusable water bottle and you'll quickly earn back what you spend plus more. While you're at it, buy yourself a keep cup for your coffee - most cafés now offer a discount if you bring your own cup.

Get yourself a Student Leap Card

We miss these babies so much. SO. MUCH. If you travel at ALL, buying one of these is a necessity. If you're a daily DART/Luas/bus traveller, the weekly cap on a Student Leap Card is only €30. Or if you had to move for college, you can get HUGE discounts for all your train journeys home when you book your ticket online. Check out Iarnród Éireann's student deals if you're still not convinced.

Leave the card at home

Seriously. We all know the feeling of checking your bank account after a night out only to find that you've spent €150 buying tequila shots for everyone in the bar. Not fun. Bring a set amount of cash with you and leave the card at home altogether.

Buy own-brand medicine

When you're feeling poorly, you might think the safest and only option is to go for the well-known medicine brands. Not the case. Just make sure that your Tesco painkillers have the same active ingredient as your usual preferred brand (and the same amount of it) and it will do the exact same job. Being broke doesn't mean you have to suffer. Much.

There you have it - invaluable knowledge passed down through generations of broke students. We hope these tips guide you well and you can go about your student life slightly less broke than we were.

Brought to you by Iarnród Éireann.

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