Demi Isaac Oviawe: "The thoughts of a black secondary school teacher blew my mind, it still kind of does" 1 year ago

Demi Isaac Oviawe: "The thoughts of a black secondary school teacher blew my mind, it still kind of does"

We caught up with the Young Offenders star to talk about diversity in the media and taking part in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon.

Demi Isaac Oviawe is a busy woman.


Currently studying radio broadcasting in college, Demi is already cutting her teeth by presenting a radio show on Cork's 96fm every Saturday afternoon, she's also in the midst of running the VHI Virtual Mini Marathon in aid of the Irish Cancer Society, and let's not forget acting!

Demi has already wowed audiences across the UK and Ireland with her role in the hit show Young Offenders, and all before the age of 20.You'd be tired just typing it.

We caught up with Demi to get some tips on mini marathon training and asked what's on the horizon for her career?

"I'm only 19 so, it's kind of hard to say what I want to do in the future but radio broadcasting and being a radio presenter is obviously a safety net if acting fails. I really enjoy it and I'm working in Cork's 96fm every Saturday from 2-6 and I really, really enjoy it so the course kind of goes hand in hand with that"


Demi went on to to say that she'd love to be more hands on in the future if she does decide to stay in the acting world;

"I love acting , acting will forever have a special place in my heart and hopefully in the future I'll be writing, directing and producing. I'd love to do all sorts like every actor dreams of but for right now college is where my head is at"


Growing up, Demi admitted that she didn't feel inspired by what she saw on Irish television and she says we still have a long way to go to achieve diversity across the media landscape;

"You want a role model, you want someone that inspires you, you want to see someone like you on television. Growing up I didn't see any black actors in Irish media even the thoughts of a black secondary school teacher blew my mind and it still kind of does which is so weird"

"With television and media it's a representation of our communities and if we have a clear, almost birds-eye view of our communities on television it gives people more of a chance of acceptance so, when it comes to diversity I feel like it's very important but we shouldn't have to talk about it it should be naturally happening"

Demi is running the VHI Virtual Women's Mini Marathon in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and there's still time for you to sign up and get involved before the 10th of October.

So, what are Demi's top tips for training and staying motivated without the usual roaring crowds?


"Have someone to do it with, I have my dog which is great craic but have someone come along with you to support you and gives you that same setting and environment, and it's like you're competing against each other which is always fun!"

Great advice, best of luck and happy running!