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This heartbroken woman confronting her cheating ex will break you
Show us anyone who says they're not moved by this and we'll show you a liar.

This was a tough watch. And we're in no way ashamed to admit that.

In the video below, which has been shared over 100,000 times on Twitter alone, we meet Kourtney Jorge and Leonard Long III.

It instantly becomes clear that Kourtney and Leonard were once in a relationship - a relationship that ended due to Leonard's unfaithfulness. The pair have taken the unusual step of allowing The Scene to record them discussing their relationship, from beginning to end.

Leonard responds to a series of questions from Kourtney, and admits to cheating on her on so many occasions he couldn't even count them up.

Clearly, the relationship has taken its toll on Kourtney, who remains tearful throughout the discussion. In a particularly heart-wrenching moment, Leonard asks her why she stayed with him after it became clear that he'd cheated on him.

“Because you were my best friend,” she replies.


Here's the clip. Show us a man (or any sentient being) who says he's not moved by this and we'll show you a liar.


At the end of the video we discover that since their exchange, the pair are living in different states. Despite this, they remain in touch - which is probably the best possible outcome from all of this.

As you might expect, the response to the video has been huge.

Now excuse us while we go and dry our eyes.

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