Dior is launching reusable glass straws for the staggering price of €130 3 months ago

Dior is launching reusable glass straws for the staggering price of €130

Would you pay that much? For a straw?

We're very used to seeing luxury designer labels selling mundane items for extortionate amounts of money.

Why they feel the need to do this? Maybe they think it will come in handy. Maybe they know the rich and famous will buy them or maybe, it's all a publicity stunt.

Either way, you'd want to be crazy to buy these things.

Remember when Balenciaga designed and sold an IKEA bag for €2,000? Or when Vetements released a t-shirt which was the exact copy of the delivery company's DHL's shirt that cost €200?

All stupid things that we will never wear. All stupid things that we could get for cheaper.

Well, Dior is the latest designer to sell a pretty boring item for a huge amount of money. The luxury powerhouse is launching reusable straws which will cost €130.

Go down to Tesco or Dealz and you'll find them for €1.30.

While they are extremely pretty - they're glass straws, hand-painted in gold - and come in a very fancy box, you'll literally waste €20 if one of them breaks; and since they're glass that can happen pretty easily.

You know, you could be smug and bring them out with you to show off how environmentally savvy you are... but that would end up in them either being sat on or taken.

So, are we going to buy them? Not a hope (if you want to though, you can find them here).