Do you have a vein on your wrist? This is what it is 6 years ago

Do you have a vein on your wrist? This is what it is

Fun facts of a Monday.

Do you have what appears to be a vein popping from your wrist. If you can’t see it, lay your arm, palm facing up, on a table.


Bring your thumb to touch your pinky and raise your hand towards your body while keeping your arm flat on the table.

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Here’s the fun fact, it’s not a vein but rather a redundant muscle that many don’t have.

It’s called the palmaris longus muscle and approximately 14 percent of the population don’t have it.


It is thought that the palmaris longus was used by humans years ago to activate the wrist’s flexibility. However, it has no effect on the modern human’s body.

The tendon is mostly present in animals like lemurs and monkeys, and it’s useful to them because it helps with navigating through trees.

There are many other signs of evolution evident on the human body. According to the below video by Vox, like three muscles attached to the outer ear. Those who possess the muscles can wiggle their ears and a trait that’s reminiscent of our animal ancestors.