Doctors perform c-section on a woman who wasn't actually pregnant 3 years ago

Doctors perform c-section on a woman who wasn't actually pregnant

You would hardly believe this is true.

Doctors carried out a C-section on a woman that turned out not to be pregnant.


The woman was killed in a car crash in Lincolnshire in the UK after she tried to turn right off a road a hit a car.

The 48-year-old was misdiagnosed by paramedics, and when brought to hospital, the doctors put her through a cesarean.

However, Adele Barbour was not pregnant, and instead suffered from scoliosis and spina bifida which makes your stomach swell.

Her family were not told that the C-section was carried out, and were unhappy that doctors kept the information from them.


According to the Metro, Adele's sister said: "On the day Adele was admitted, the doctor omitted to mention the C-section when she told us Adele was being moved to theatre, and neither did she tell us about it when she informed us of her death.

"Adele attended on January 17. On arrival to hospital the doctor told us she had gone to theatre. She did not communicate the suggestion that she was pregnant or that they had carried out a C-section."

However, Coroner Marianne Johnson said: "The evidence that I have heard is that the initial mis-diagnosis [of pregnancy] did not cause or contribute to her death."