These dog breeds are the ones guaranteed to get you a swipe on Tinder 1 year ago

These dog breeds are the ones guaranteed to get you a swipe on Tinder

The results are in.

Tinder is at its most popular and as singletons head onto the dating app, there's one thing that's guaranteed a right swipe on your profile - what type of dog you have.


The bio on your Tinder can tell you everything you need to know about a person, and according to a new study by Feeds & Seeds, the breed of dog you have is something you'd want to include.

People have preconceived ideas of people based on what type of dog they have, and believe it or not, we're naturally more attracted to people if they own a certain dog.

So what dog types get the most matches? The results are in and after testing out 18 different dog breeds in a bio, it seems men and women are both attracted to very different dogs.


According to women, the most attractive dog you can own as a man is a golden retriever, so fellas if you've got one of these gorgeous pups, pop it in the bio.

The second most attractive to women is a French Bulldog, followed by the Labrador, Cocker Spaniel and then the Beagle.

According to men, the best dog to put in your Tinder bio to optimise your chances of finding your perfect match is a Beagle, with 172 people swiping right for this one.

The second most popular dog for women to want to swipe right is a Labrador, with a Golden Retriever in third place followed by a Springer Spaniel and then a Cocker Spaniel.


So there you have it, if you're on the look out for that someone special, you know what dog can help you out. It's also a pretty good excuse to get one of these dogs.