People won't adopt this dog because she's 'ugly', and we're bawling 5 months ago

People won't adopt this dog because she's 'ugly', and we're bawling

Ah god!

Guys, we're actually crying at this story.

RSPCA staff in Essex are struggling to re-home a dog, because people think she's ugly.

Our hearts are broken.

Introducing Morissa, a 13-year-old Chinese crested dog.

Craig Horsler, senior supervisor at the rescue home, said:

"They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and we all think Morissa is absolutely gorgeous."

Ah lads, we agree.

"But she is unusual looking and we're worried that prospective owners consider her ugly and that is what could be putting them off of her."


"As well as being a hairless variety of the Chinese crested - a small, toy breed that was traditionally kept as a companion dog - she's also in her twilight years and does have a few health problems."

"She's partially blind which we believe is due to heavy scarring to her eyes from previous ulcers.'

"She's also quite nervous - particularly around men - so we're looking for a calm, quiet home for her where her new owners can slowly work to build her confidence."

 We want to keep her.

Craig added: "She's such a sweet, friendly little dog and she really deserves to find a loving home to enjoy her senior years."

"If anyone can offer her a home then we'd love them to get in touch."

If you think you could provide a forever home for Morissa, visit Danaher Animal Home here.