Donegal student sells face masks for this year's Team Hope ShoeBox Appeal 3 weeks ago

Donegal student sells face masks for this year's Team Hope ShoeBox Appeal

"When you see the videos and the excitement on their faces. It's just the small things that they are overwhelmed by."


Samantha Gallagher is a student from Donegal who has been keeping herself busy over the last few months making face masks and raising money for charity.

The charity that is close to this student's heart is the Team Hope ShoeBox Appeal, who send out shoeboxes full of toys, books and essential items to vulnerable children in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Samantha and her family have been filling shoeboxes and sending them every Christmas off for years. "I can't remember when I haven't done shoeboxes, it's just something that we've always done," she tells Her.

Samantha and her mum decided to start making face masks this year at the beginning of the pandemic. They weren't expecting to make much money from them but they were a hit. "It just went mental," she says.

Instead of keeping the money they made, Samantha and her mum thought they should give something back.


"With everything that's going on, it's just not a time to be making a profit," she says. Instead, they decided to put the money towards the shoebox appeal. They were able to raise enough to fill 150 boxes.

"These things that are 25 cent mean so much to them which wouldn't mean anything to us," says Samantha.

"It kind of puts everything in perspective. They're so grateful for everything they get and we just take things for granted."

This year's Team Hope Shoebox Appeal will be a bit different. The boxes won't be sent overseas because of Covid, instead you will be able to go online and pay €20 to fill a virtual box that will be sent for you.


Head over to Team Hope's website, to donate to this year's Christmas ShoeBox Appeal.