Drink Up Ladies! Having A Glass Of Wine After Exercise Is Good For Your Heart 6 years ago

Drink Up Ladies! Having A Glass Of Wine After Exercise Is Good For Your Heart

We’ve all heard the rumours that a glass of wine is good for your heart, but now it’s a scientific fact.

A new study published by the European Society of Cardiology have found that pairing your favourite wine with your daily exercise might be just what the doctor ordered. (Steady on though, we mean one glass and not a trip to the local...)

The study tracked the results of people who drank five days out of the week over the course of one year.Men were allowed up to two-and-a-half glasses (0.3 L), while women drank one to two (0.2 L).

One group (which held a mix of men and women) exercised on the study, while the second group of participants simply drank their wine and continued about their daily lives.

The trial, called “In Vino, Veritas,” revealed that those who worked out twice a week and drank wine showed “significant improvement” in their cholesterol levels. The wine even increased levels of HDL cholesterol, the heart-healthy kind.

Researchers found that their results did not vary significantly depending upon the type of wine drank amongst the 146 participants.

Professor Milos Taborsky, the study’s lead researcher, confirmed that his results proved the health benefits for those who exercised while drinking wine.

According to Elite Daily, participants who failed to exercise didn’t benefit from any noticeable health improvements, but they also didn’t suffer a significant amount of liver damage.

Although we’re not suggesting you take up a daily tipple, it does suggest if you have a sneaky drink after a long day in the office, you won’t undo all the hours on the treadmill.