This drive-thru food hack will change your life immediately and it's so simple 1 year ago

This drive-thru food hack will change your life immediately and it's so simple

You can thank us later!

Lockdown has forced a lot of us to learn new things, how to cut hair, how to dye hair, how to work at home, how to stay at home and how to wear tracksuits. It's also taught us how to come up with new ways to do things.


Like everyone else I've been dabbling in the world of TikTok, and I've seen A LOT of dancing but a few things that also caught my eye were different food hacks that they have from reheating pizza to squeezing juice out of a lemon with zero hassle whatsoever.

The premise to my favourite food hack I've spotted is simple; how to turn your drive-thru meal into a makeshift table.

Basically you open the box that your burger or chicken nuggets come in and you place it over your drink and you pull the straw through so that it is balanced on top of your drink and you can eat and sip. I tried it and it works!

Another trick I found quite handy when making drinks at home is how to get lemon juice from a lemon without having to use a juicer or cut it or squeeze slices and you also avoid the pips, revolutionary! What you do is get your lemon and stab it with a skewer or a chopstick through one side , don't pierce it the whole way through. Take it out and then squeeze into a bowl and voila! Simple!

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Last but not least, one of my favourite food hacks of all time has to be heating pizza up .

We all know how delicious pizza the next day can be but it's even better when you throw it on a pan and put a lid on it for about 3 mins. Crisps the bottom and melts the cheese on top.

You are welcome!

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