DSPCA rescue two puppies dumped in rubbish 3 months ago

DSPCA rescue two puppies dumped in rubbish

"How anyone could do that is beyond belief."

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has rescued two puppies who were found among rubbish.


In a post on Instagram, the animal welfare organisation said that the two puppies, who they have named Pan and Crumb, are being cared for by the veterinary team at the shelter. However, both dogs have tested positive for parvovirus, which can be fatal.

Outlining their rescue, the post reads: "Yesterday we received a call about 2 tiny little puppies that were found in a box on a pile of rubbish. They were purposely placed their [sic] and left to die. How anyone could do that is beyond belief.

"Pan and Crumb are only about 8 weeks old. Our inspector brought them back to the shelter where they sadly both tested positive for parvovirus. This can be fatal for dogs especially puppies so young and vulnerable. They are both being treated with medication and we can only hope that they make a full recovery."

The DSPCA stated that they have a foster home lined up for the puppies once they are well enough to leave their care.



They wrote: "We have a very special foster lined up to care for them as soon as our veterinary team feel it’s safe for them to leave the shelter. A nice warm and loving home is where they should have always been, not thrown away like pieces of rubbish."


The organisation also thanked the person who found the dogs in the first place.

"Thank you to the finder for hearing their cries, they may not have made have made it through the night without you," they wrote. "Life is so precious and to think that someone thought their lives meant absolutely nothing is unforgivable."

You can learn more about the DSPCA right here.

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