This Dublin firm has created an app that makes it easier to split a bill 4 years ago

This Dublin firm has created an app that makes it easier to split a bill

We've all been there.

You head to a restaurant with your mates, and when it comes to paying the bill, you all look at each other and mumble, 'So... how are we going to do this?'.


Let's be honest, it can be a pain in the arse sometimes, especially if your bill comes to €53.74 and you're trying to pay with both card and cash.

Well, this Dublin firm has created an app that will makes splitting a bill SO much easier.

Social payments company Circle, has launched a new feature that will allow groups of friends send and receive money for free.


Most apps similar to this charge a small fee when sending money over to another account.

It can be used on groups of up to 20 people and with Irish bank accounts, the money will be transferred over immediately.

With European accounts, it will take a day.

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According to, the companyclaims that it's the only app used in Ireland, Europe and the US, that has a group chat functionality built in, to make it easier for you to communicate with your friends.

The start up has named Dublin as its global headquarters and it's co-founders, Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville, are from the US.

The new feature is the latest from the company that is trying to become Europe’s biggest peer-to-peer money transfer app.