This Dublin university has BANNED all mobile phones from its gym 4 years ago

This Dublin university has BANNED all mobile phones from its gym

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Dublin City University's sports complex has banned all phones and camera devices from its facilities.


The gym issued a statement on Facebook earlier today, saying that if you're caught using a camera, they will consider terminating your membership.

This comes after many incidents made headline news, including a Playboy bunny fat-shaming a grandmother while in the gym.

And just last week, actress Gemma Arterton made waves on social media after complaining about being filmed while in the middle of a workout session.


DCU's sports complex said: "Please be aware that using any kind of camera devices including phones are strictly forbidden in the facilities.

"This is to protect the privacy of all individuals who use our facilities.

"If you experience any issue in the gym in relation to this, please alert a member of staff.


"Use of phones/items with a camera device in restricted areas (changing room/pool/gym floor) may result in termination of your membership."

DCU's sport complex has had this rule in place for years now, but we're guessing it needed re-instating after all of the recent media controversy.

We definitely think it's a step in the right direction.