Dubliners have the sexiest accent according to Brits 1 year ago

Dubliners have the sexiest accent according to Brits

It's official, people from Dublin have the sexiest accent.

Look, we know, if you're not from Dublin you won't believe us, but don't shoot the messenger.


According to a new survey, the Dublin accent has been found to be the most loved out of the entire UK and Ireland.

Followed closely by Edinburgh, which is no surprise, the survey done by Coffee Friend found Dublin to come out on top when it came down to it.

Along with this, more than half of the people asked said they found the Irish accent attractive, with only 13% saying it was unattractive.


Whoever those 13% are, we just want to talk.

The second most attractive was Edinburgh, with Queen's English and Welsh coming in joint third.

Belfast accents were voted the fourth most attractive, with 44% of people loving a good Northern Irish tone.

The younger generation found a Scottish accent to be the most attractive while it was the older generation, over 65s, that had our backs, voting for the Irish accent being best.


A Coffee Friend spokesperson said: "With Love Island back on our screens and the UK and Ireland primed for a summer of romance, our survey of adults in 2021 has found which accent is our favourite on paper.

"And it’s the Dublin Irish accent that sets tongues wagging, with 58% of people polled finding it attractive - just ahead of the Scottish accent at 51%.

"Queen’s English - ‘posh’ to most people - scores well alongside Welsh at 47%. But the situation is not too good for Essex and Brummie, who both finish bottom with just 21% and 22% respectively finding those accents attractive."


So there you have it, Dublin accents are just that bit hotter than any others in the UK or Ireland, it must be something in the water.