Dynamo looks unrecognisable as he receives treatment for Crohns disease 2 years ago

Dynamo looks unrecognisable as he receives treatment for Crohns disease

Dynamo took to Instagram last night to share an image of his swollen face post-treatment as he battles Crohns disease.

The TV personality and magician tried to make light of the situation by humorously captioning the image "#NoFilter", as he posted the effects of the disease, which he has been battling since he was a teenager.


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Dynamo has spoken out about Crohns disease various times and admitted that he would never leave the disease affect his career despite the pain he often feels.

The 34-year-old told BT that the level of pain varies for everyone but revealed that for him he still wakes up in pain everyday and continued by saying:

"The first hour of my day is taken up, I’m usually on the toilet for a long time in pain, stomach cramps, sometimes internal bleeding. I have different things that I do, like heat treatments and certain meditations to get myself in a comfortable position to feel ready to get dressed and face the world. And it is very restricting on diet."

He also admitted that the preparation for the day doesn't end there, if he is out for the entire day, the star must bring meals in plastic containers for fear of eating something that doesn't agree with him elsewhere. Dynamo admitted that he once spent two weeks in hospital after eating popcorn and vows to not leave that happen again.

Fans were quick to comment their support and love underneath the image shared late last night and we send our love to Dynamo to get well soon.