Easter trip in Belfast planned? Make sure you visit this one great spot 3 years ago

Easter trip in Belfast planned? Make sure you visit this one great spot

Brought to you by Crumlin Road Gaol.

What better way to celebrate Easter than by going to jail?


Don't worry - we're not telling you to break the law. You'll be able to leave this jail whenever you want.

Really, though, Easter may not be a specifically Irish holiday but it is a date that's steeped in Irish history. Back in 1916, Easter Monday marked the first day of the Easter Rising, which eventually resulted in the establishment of an Irish Republic.

But, sure, yous all know that bit of history.

What you might not know, however, is the history about, and countless stories surrounding, Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast.


This infamous jail first opened its doors in 1846 and finally closed in 1996. It's operation spanned some of Belfast's most troublesome years in history.

It has witnessed births, deaths, marriages, has been home to executions, escapes, hunger-strikes, and riots. It is a building overflowing with the stories of Northern Ireland.

Though the jail only closed during most of our lifetimes, the happenings that went on there seem like an age ago. Now you can experience it all through the eyes of history on a guided tour. Gain an insight into prison life, learn about the different eras, take a peek at histories that don't make it into the school books. Visit the jail wing, the condemned man's cell, and the execution chamber.


The jail offers daily guided tours starting at 10am and is one of the most popular attractions in Belfast. Far from being all doom and gloom, the tour paints a fascinating picture of Ireland through the years and offers an insight into the changing climate of Belfast.

If you're looking for a little holiday away but want to get in a bit of culture or learning too, this is the perfect spot. It's a truly fantastic and really enlightening experience.

We suggest you book yourselves a visit there pronto.

Brought to you by Crumlin Road Gaol