10 things that prove the honeymoon period is over 1 year ago

10 things that prove the honeymoon period is over

The rose tinted glasses are well and truly off... 

There comes a stage in every relationship where the walls come down, the barrier goes up and behind it all is the person you thought no one would ever love. Can we get an 'awwww'?!

The 'honeymoon period' is that section of time at the beginning of a relationship when life is pretty great, you're with someone you truly care for, doing new things, creating great memories and sharing experiences. And then it's over.

Here are 10 things that prove the 'honeymoon period' is nothing but a distant memory.


1. You stop talking about your relationship and just get on with it.

We are all guilty of chewing the ear off friends when we first meet someone and are in the early stages of a relationship. It’s exciting, it’s new and it’s a pain in the ass for anyone who has to listen to you.

2. “I’ll do whatever you want to do...”

No you won’t. You’ll do what you feel like because you can and you’re not afraid to be vocal about it.

3. I woke up like this…

Beyoncé’s song Flawless doesn't exactly describe what you like first thing in the morning… and they don’t care. So sweet.

4. The nice lingerie… remains at the back of the drawer.

Remember when you rushed out to purchase nice new underwear? You will never do that again. Maybe on special occasions, at a push.

5. “You’re a prick!”

You can stick it to the man without the fear that there’ll be no man there to stick it to. If your significant other is out of line, you no longer bury it away and let it ‘blow over’. Blowing over is so last season.

6. You will eat like no one is watching.

You now walk fearlessly to the confectionary section at the cinema. Chicken wings, spaghetti, and garlic mayo are no longer off limits on the menu. You will order what you want and you will eat it with you hands if you so wish!

7. Goodbye, butterflies.

You no longer get ‘butterflies’ when they text or you see them out in public.

8. "Oh, your Mum's here for dinner. I can't wait."

You have passed the 'nice and mannerly' barrier and can let them know exactly how you feel about their friends and relatives.

9. I love you XO.

If he or she forgets to send an ‘x’ at the end of a text message, you do not question the motive. You no longer treat a text message as if it were the Da Vinci Code. You thankfully no longer read into stuff that simply isn’t there.

10. “I’m going out with the lads…”

Sound. You break plans and it’s not big deal.


You won't be needing these...