Ed Sheeran Went To Toys R Us And Bought All Around Him 7 years ago

Ed Sheeran Went To Toys R Us And Bought All Around Him

Some celebrities splash the cash on expensive cars and designer wardrobes but not Ed Sheeran.

It seems Ed is a big kid at heart and recently spent £2,000 on toys at Toys R Us.


According to The Sun, the music star went all out and bought roller skates, yo-yos, scooters and a Nerf gun.

He also treated himself to a pair of Heelys, that's shoes with built-in heels, just in case you're not familiar.

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We would do exactly the same Ed...

In conversation with the publication, Ed said: “As any kid that has good parents will know, when you grow up you’re not allowed things.


“I went into Toys R Us and just spent two grand on everything I wanted when I was younger.

“I was like, ‘I was never allowed that pirate ship so I’m having that, wasn’t allowed a Nerf gun so I’m having that, I wasn’t allowed a scooter so I’m having that’.

“I bought roller skates, a yo-yo, those wheelie shoes . . . I haven’t used half of them but it was just that moment that I’m allowed to now. I bought everything".