Eight Signs That You May Actually Be Becoming An Adult Woman 7 years ago

Eight Signs That You May Actually Be Becoming An Adult Woman

Something has been happening to me in the last year. Something...alarming. I have been noticing myself doing and saying things. Things that an 18 year old me would have scoffed at.

I have been on the lookout for a good winter coat for months now, and have genuinely begun to research pension plans. Having just graduated college this might seem excessive, but it's happening and I can't stop it.


Here's a list of things that have me feeling like maybe I am crossing the line from Gal to Grown Up Lady.

Charlotte-picklesCharlotte Pickles, The most Grown of all Grown Women (Source: Kiddycharts)

1.Giving Out About Rent Rates In Dublin


Seriously though it's impossible to find somewhere affordable that doesn't mean you have to sleep in the shower with a kitchen that's host to several unspeakable forms of mould. I've been trawling through property lists looking at shoeboxes and contemplating moving out into my parent's shed.


This room would be probably about €5k a month in Dublin. 

2.Googling Spa Weekends


First of all they are too expensive and I know that. But I have BACK PAIN! I need that to be sorted out immediately. Accompanied by a facial and a mimosa. Perhaps a seaweed wrap.

3.Buying Wine More Expensive Than €5

There was a time in my life where I would spend five of my hard earned euro on some unspeakably sour, terrible wine from one of those big German supermarkets. I would spend more time wincing than actually drinking the terrible alcohol. Not anymore though. Now I respect myself and buy wine for maybe a tenner (still one of those big German supermarkets).

tumblr_miwnj2Q5tS1rsdqv7o1_500Source: Tumblr


4.Looking For A Sensible Winter Coat

Where are they? I just want a plain coat that will go with everything, keep me warm, and make me look like I vaguely care about myself. They don't seem to exist. For a budget under ten zillion euro that is.

5.Appreciating Good Quality Fabric

Does anybody else check the labels of prospective purchases to see if they're good quality? Or is this just me? Clothes are expensive, ok! I want to get my money's worth, see how much cotton I'm getting for my hard earned cash. I can hear my mam in my head saying 'But Ellen... will it last?'

waffleEgyptian Cotton Bedsheets. My aspiration in life is to feel the quality of these one day. Source: Photobucket


6.Buying A Plant

If I can keep this cactus alive it bodes well for my future as The Weird Woman In The Park With All Of Those Dogs.

7.(Trying To) Save Money

At one point in my life I would get paid and then go hog wild online shopping, rabidly filling my basket with unnecessary purchases (I need that neon yellow bodycon dress. It's a wardrobe staple). Now I fill my basket and empty it sadly after checking the abomination that is my bank account.

giphySource: Giphy

8.Wearing Red Lipstick During The Day

I have a SALARY now. As a Career Woman, red lipstick is a must. Next stop, power suit.

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