Emoji creators give update about whether red heads will ever have one 3 years ago

Emoji creators give update about whether red heads will ever have one

We've been crying out for Irish representation for years.

I've had an on-going struggle ever since Emoji's became popular language. I don't have one that represents me.

There is no pale, red headed girl among the numerous different skin and hair colours provided. In fact, there's no red head emoji at all.

If you happen to be ginger you may have noticed this, and most Irish people in general probably have too. For months I have been seeking justice for gingers on the emoji keyboard.

Now, the blog about emoji aptly titled Emojipedia, have released a statement about whether we're getting them or not. And while they're looking in to it, nothing is set in stone.

''Redheads are on the agenda at the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting, hosted by Apple next week.''

They note that it has been brought to their attention a lot over the past couple of months which is why they are going to look into it.

They add that there would be two ways of doing it. Firstly, they could add it as a hair 'tag' so that the orange hue could be added to any emoji with hair on the keyboard.

Alternatively, they could make a generic 'woman and man with red hair' but they fear that this would not satisfy the diverse demand.

So just as it sounds promising, they add a line with makes it sound a lot less likely.

''With a slim 1-2% of the population having red hair, it's yet to be determined if this would justify every emoji having a redhead version made available.''

But hey, each of us count right?

They add that ''it should be noted no formal decision has been made on whether a redhead emoji should or would be approved at all'' but that a discussion can help to figure it out.

As there is a new Unicode version just around the corner, even if they do decide to make them, it'll be 2018 at the earliest.

Sigh, one day my ginger friends, one day.