Employers share the worst things people have asked in job interviews 5 years ago

Employers share the worst things people have asked in job interviews

Are you guilty of any of these?

When it comes to going for job interviews, it can be a very nerve-wracking procedure.


Between getting clothes right for the interview, having the right face and hair sorted and your positive, motivated attitude fully in place, it's nearly a full-time job getting ready to apply for a new job.

While we may have the aesthetics sorted, it's the nerves that can sometimes get the best of us and leave us a little red-faced after the interview, regretting whatever silly, stupid thing we said under pressure.

Well one Reddit thread has described all the worst things people have done in interviews, compiled by employers.


Uploaded by user X23Skidoo, employers were asked to confess the worst thing a interviewee has done and honestly, the answers are glorious.

Employers said they'd been asked by employees:

  • if they could bring their pet to the interview.
  • if they'd be drugs tested early into the interview process.
  • if they would pay the employee three times more than the current rate.

Another employer said a person doing a job interview on Skype even started smoking on camera, with many saying to avoid using slang words in interviews as much as possible, like 'on fleek' etc.


The best answer of all has to be from Reddit user bricarp who said he got a particularly 'special' CV:

"Got a resume that said at the top, in red, bold letters: "WARNING: THIS RESUME CONTAINS EXPLOSIVE EXPERIENCE!"