5 things you need to enjoy those perfect long evenings 3 years ago

5 things you need to enjoy those perfect long evenings

Brought to you by GatoNegro.

Summer is here and it's really about time.


That wait seemed like forever but finally it is here. So now we're all about planning the best ways to enjoy it because lord knows we are absolutely going to get the most out of summer 2019 no matter the weather.

One of our favourite summer activities is doing nothing. An oxymoron, you say? Not when you do nothing the right way. We're talking about getting the friends over, pulling some chairs into the garden, and relaxing all together. When you've got company it counts as actually doing something with your day (that's what we tell ourselves anyway).

While it may seem like a pretty straightforward night, there are a couple of ways to turn it from a good night into a perfect night and we plan on having a lot of perfect nights this summer.

1. Good Company


It may seem like a given but really think about who you want around you on these nights. Summer itself is a great time for feeling, well, great - the sun is out so all those SAD symptoms disappear and a lot of people are off college/work so get a break from those stresses.

Keep that feeling going. Surround yourself with the best people, the people who make you smile, laugh, and let you be yourself. When you're organising your get-togethers, you control the list. Only invite the people who you know will make the night better. No fake friends here please.

2. Tapas


Finger foods and bites are where it's at during the summer months. A burger is fine if it's the middle of the day and you're starving, but when you're setting yourself up for a few hours of chats with friends, it's nicer to have little bits that you can nibble as the night goes on.

Make it a proper tapas night and look up some easy recipes to throw together. It's MUCH easier than making a full meal so if you're hosting that's a double win for you. (Also, world tapas day is on June 20, just saying.)

3. The perfect wine


I mean, is a summer night really compete without some delicious beverages? We think not. It's also the perfect accompaniment to tapas so everything's really just coming together (see, we have a plan). Now, for those warm evenings we need a little something fresh and fruity. Lucky for us, GatoNegro wines have perfected these two requirements. They've just launched their new campaign "it's all about flavor" which promotes and celebrates the rich and fruity flavours of their wine. They make both red and white wine so, like, sorted.

Plus their bottles only cost between €8-8.50 which means no going broke (hurrah!). Don't be put off by the price - these wines are seriously yum and nice and light, so you'll love them whether you're a regular wine drinker or you're just beginning your wine-tasting journey. Grab a bottle, get some lovely wine glasses (proper ones now, no plastic glass nonsense), relax and enjoy, ladies.

4. Blankets


As much as we like to pretend that summer will magically turn Ireland into a southern Mediterranean country, it's rarely the case (shout out to summer 2018 - we miss you). While days might be warm, most evenings definitely require a thick enough jumper if you're staying outside. We prefer blankets though. That way we can still stay in our summer clothes and feel summery while also getting the necessary warmth. Plus they're cosier.

5. Just the right amount of entertainment

You are the entertainment. Summer is about staying relaxing, chatting, and staying outside until the stars come out. So you want to keep it relatively light on external entertainment. Maybe put some music on to play in the background or start a few games to mix the conversation up and get some fun going.

Remember, when it comes to doing nothing, less is more (obviously). We love reverting back to being kids during the summer so all the good old fashioned games come out for us on these nights (charades never gets old).

Put these five things together and you're sure to have a perfectly fabulous evening. So have fun doing nothing together and making some wonderful memories.

Brought to you by GatoNegro.

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