Ever heard of sploshing? We're exploring some sexy kinks ahead of Valentine's Day 2 years ago

Ever heard of sploshing? We're exploring some sexy kinks ahead of Valentine's Day

It involves custard.

It's that time of year again when couples profess their undying love for one another via social media, and every person who is NOT in a relationship curses them behind their backs (rightly so). Yes, it's the week of St.Valentine who, for those of you who don't know, was a Roman priest who ministered to Christians despite their widespread persecution at the time... weird flex, but ok.



On this week's episode of Girls With Goals it's all about love, but not in the traditional sense. We're exploring our sexual identities, expanding our minds, and learning some pretty kinky sh*t along the way.

Here's a brief summary of all the wonderful things I learned on this week's episode, you'll have to watch the full episode below to get the full impact:

  • St.Valentine's blood is right here in Ireland, our (reluctant) Valentine's correspondent Rebecca O'Keeffe will reveal the juicy details on that one.
  • Foot fetishes are absolutely massive.
  • Sex clubs aren't like the movies.
  • There are such things as sex clubs in Ireland.
  • We're probably all a little kinkier than we think.
  • There's no keys in bowls at swingers parties.
  • There are such things as swingers parties in Ireland.

Turns out, there's a wonderful community of like-minded individuals in Ireland who enjoy expressing themselves and having a good aul play of a Friday night. Of course, I needed to know more so I invited the hosts of new sex podcast 'Pure Filth' Michelle McCormick and Sarah Tyrell on to the show to TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Check out the full episode below:


Michelle and Sarah met the way most people meet these days, online. Having a shared interest in body positivity, feminism and fashion, it wasn't long before they realised they had more intimate interests in common as Sarah explained:

'When we'd meet up, we would just have so many conversations about sex and it's not necessarily your typical 'what did he do to you next?' type thing. Our conversations tend to be more about feminism and sex and body positivity and sex and slut-shaming in Ireland and we kept having these moments when we were like 'maybe we should do something what should that be?'

It was a natural step for them to begin a podcast dedicated to sex. Their goal is to have an open forum where people can learn some new things, explore their own sexuality or simply have a good giggle!


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Michelle has been involved in the kink community in Ireland for years and she explained to us how she stumbled upon the community in the first place:

'Growing up I was always the 'slutty' one of my friends, that was just my place. I think every friend group has a 'Samantha'. I've also always loved blogs and I used to read a lot of sex and sexuality blogs because it's a massive area of interest for me, I love learning about all the different areas that people are in to! So as my own sexuality developed I realised that I was into kink myself and eventually I came upon a website called 'Fetlife'. When I joined the site I was like 'Oh this happens in Ireland' I had the exact same reaction as you'.

It turns out there's a pretty terrible representation of these communities through film and even porn gets it wrong more often than not! We all know that with misrepresentation comes misunderstanding, so if there's anything you want to know this Valentine's Day get in touch... be safe and HAVE FUN!


Click play below for all the SPLOSHING goodness, it does involved custard so we recommend putting some towels down.