Ever noticed a chip in the bottom of your IKEA mug? Here's why it's there 1 year ago

Ever noticed a chip in the bottom of your IKEA mug? Here's why it's there

At least 70 per cent of the contents of Irish people's homes is now from IKEA, right?

I mean, that's a statistic we've pulled from thin air but it sounds about right.


It's almost ten years since the Swedish retail giant opened its doors in Ballymun and since then the nation has fallen deeply in love with its stylish, cost-effective furniture and interiors pieces.

Everything IKEA sells is designed to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing - right down to its crockery.

One product almost all of us have picked up there is the Vardagen tea cup; but have you ever noticed the tiny chip-like gap at the base?

IKEA has revealed why the gap is there - and it's pretty clever.

It's what they call a drainage gate and helps to keep residue from dirty water in the dishwasher from building up.

Most of us put our cups into the dishwasher upside down and so having a gap stops anything nasty from settling there.


Pretty nifty for €2 a cup, we reckon.

Of course lots of the stuff IKEA sells is an absolute steal.

Buying cheap homewares can backfire depending on where you go but you're guaranteed to get things that look like they cost a lot more than their actual price there.

Doing up your gaff at the moment? Here are some of our favourite expensive-looking bits from IKEA.


Sandared Pouffe €55

Snidad Rattan Basket €25



 Ekenäset Armchair €179


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