Ever Wondered Where a Guy's Semen Goes When He Dry Orgasms? We've Got Answers 7 years ago

Ever Wondered Where a Guy's Semen Goes When He Dry Orgasms? We've Got Answers

One of life's great questions, answered. 

Although clean freaks will silently celebrate that there is no mopping up to do when their partner has a dry orgasm, it does leave a lingering question mark...


Did he come? Did it feel good? Where did the semen go? Is his fertility affected?

As it turns out, he does ejaculate, but instead of the semen coming out of his penis, it actually goes into his bladder.

It sounds traumatic, but it's not in any way painful, and actually feels just like a regular orgasm, except that he will pee his semen out later.

Speaking to Women's Healthurologist David Kaufman, M.D. explained:


“What normally happens during an orgasm is that the bladder muscles close so that the only outlet is the opening of the penis.

When something interfere's with those muscles' ability to close, “the path of least resistance is for the semen to go into the bladder."

So why does it happen?

Kevin Campbell, M.D., says that dry orgasms can happen after any type of prostate surgery or if someone has Type 1 diabetes, and some medications can also cause the retrograde ejaclution.


Kaufman added: “We counsel all of our patients that if we do a certain type of prostate surgery, they are going to have dry ejaculate. For some, that’s a deal-breaker.”

Lastly, it's really not anything to worry about, but if you do notice that your partner has less juice in the tank on a regular basis, it is worth checking out with a doc as it can lead to fertility issues if not treated, but otherwise it's completely harmless.