Everyone - Change Your Twitter Bio, You Can Now Play The Ice Cream 7 years ago

Everyone - Change Your Twitter Bio, You Can Now Play The Ice Cream

You may not have needed another reason to indulge, but now there's a way you can make music from licking ice cream. 

The designers and musicians are calling it the Lickestra: a series of conductive, flavored ice creams mounted onto four white pedestals, each triggering different sounds when licked. The eater becomes a performer as the act of licking becomes an instrument for play.


“Buke and Gase have crafted a four-part composition of music that included sounds reminiscent of winter icicles and slippery surfaces,” says Carla Diana, a designer on the team.

The designers partnered with ice cream connoisseurs to develop an original flavor for the performance which was infused with Cayenne peppers. “We found that the heat of the spice in the ice cream elicited a much more vigorous licking action and inspired some rather gusto-filled performances,” says Diana.

The 4-piece band works together to create music through food, and only finishes when all the ice cream is licked.

“The Lickestra was created to serve as an experiment in isolating a single gesture and understanding how one sense, such as taste, can be amplified by combining it with another sense, such as hearing,” says Diana.