Everything you need to know about the Wings for Life World Run 1 month ago

Everything you need to know about the Wings for Life World Run

Get your running shoes on...

The Wings for Life World Run is back this May, and this year sees it celebrate its 10th year.


The race takes place on 7 May 2023, and it's a global event, meaning you can participate from anywhere in the world. It kicks off at 11:00am UTC, so for runners in Ireland, that's 12pm, And, to top it all of, there is no finish line. This race doesn't measure how fast you run, but rather the distance you cover. To this end, a virtual catcher car begins its chase 30 minutes after the start signal, gradually increasing its speed and catching participants one by one until the race is over.

Everyone and anyone over the age of 18 can enter the race, regardless of your ability or running experience. In fact, you can set the distance you want to run yourself by using the Wings for Life goal calculator right here.

As well as being a great excuse to get active and to challenge yourself, the Wings for Life World Run is also a vital fundraiser for those affected by spinal cord injury.


It's estimated that in the UK alone, 50,000 people live with a spinal cord injury, with one person becoming injured every eight hours. Spinal cord injuries can be caused by traffic accidents, falls, violent acts and sports, and they can lead to paralysis, sensory disturbance, impaired bowel and bladder function, autonomic function disorders and impairment of sexual function.

Throughout its history, Wings for Life has been committed to supporting spinal cord injury research projects, with 100% of donations going directly to research. To date, over €38 million has been raised. Last year's event – which saw 161,892 participants from 192 countries take part – raised €4.7 million.

For more information on the organisation or learn more about spinal cord injury, head to Wings for Life's official website right here. To take part in the Wings for Life World Run, check out the link here.