Fitbit composed a symphony based on data around the stress of 2020 and it's so fascinating! 2 years ago

Fitbit composed a symphony based on data around the stress of 2020 and it's so fascinating!

Brought to you by Fitbit

Well, this is pretty cool.


There's no doubt it has been a stressful year for many. With job concerns, worries over health and COVID-19, many have been searching for an outlet, a way to help them relax.

What's rather lovely to know though is that 57 per cent of Irish people said they turned to music to chill out. Well, aren't we a music-loving bunch.

Fitbit, who conducted the survey, also looked at a combination of de-identified aggregated Fitbit data from users in the UK and Ireland, assessing sleep duration, resting heart rate and even search trends and social media sentiment during the corresponding period. Subsequently using this data to create the first-ever Fitbit Stress Symphony, translating all that information into an epic and emotive musical composition.

Here it is:


Composer and Conductor, Ben Palmer and Producer and Sound Designer, Aston Rudi, translated all of the data into the epic original composition. Recorded at the iconic Barbican Centre in London, in compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions, the score of music is a unique symphony, blending a powerful live 20-piece orchestra, courtesy of the Covent Garden Sinfonia, with an urban electronic sound from Aston. 

While here we can recognise the ebb and flow of stress through music, stress is, for the most part, usually silent and invisible. Recognising it, however, is key to our managing it and so Fitbit has developed Sense, the advanced health smartwatch to help you understand how your body responds to stress.


Taking this step before becoming overwhelmed with stress is key to relaxing its impacts on our minds and bodies, and with the Fitbit Sense, we can take full advantage of mindfulness tools, and set weekly mindfulness goals with the Fitbit app.

See your daily Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app to understand how your heart rate, sleep and activity levels impact your physiological stress and overall health. Plus, the Fitbit Sense has an on-device EDA (electro dermal activity) sensor which detects small changes on your skin in real-time. Using the EDA Scan app allows us to see our EDA responses on the device.

Better still, we can get a deeper analysis of our Stress Management Score on Sense with Fitbit Premium, as well as access to even more mindfulness content to help us manage our stress better. For new Fitbit Premium users only, take advantage of the 90-day free trial to help you stay active, sleep well and manage stress.

Sounds dreamy. And if you ask us, we think that's exactly what 2021 should be — stress-free!


Brought to you by Fitbit

Fitbit showcases a look at Ireland’s stress levels throughout this extraordinary year with the launch of an emotive score of music, the Fitbit Stress Symphony.

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