5 homeware pieces from TK Maxx that are going on my Santa list this Christmas 2 years ago

5 homeware pieces from TK Maxx that are going on my Santa list this Christmas

Dear Santa...

The last year and a half I've been doing a lot of renovation work on my home and now that it's done I'm looking forward to decorating it.


One style that I particularly love is art deco so I'm always on the lookout for furnishings inspired by that period.

While I've been waiting patiently for the shops to reopen and now that they have here are five pieces that I will be straight in to buy once TK Maxx.

White marble coasters: 9.99

I've actually managed to make it to the age of 31 without ever owning a proper set of coasters so these are definitely going in my basket.


Also because they're white they'll go with pretty much any table or surface I use them on.

Patterned drawer pulls: 8.99

When I bought my house all the old furniture was left in it, including an old 1970s drinks cabinet.


It's been my plan for a while to upcycle it and these handles will help to transform it from drab to fab for less than a tenner.


Mirrored gold drinks trolley: 139.99


I've wanted to buy a drinks trolley for a long time but never had the space before.

This year is the year though and I'm absolutely obsessed with this vintage styled one from TK Maxx.




Champagne bucket: 39.99

Ok, I know, I'm getting into absolute notions territory but sometimes you just have to go full Great Gatsby.

And hey, if my prosecco needs chilling it may as well do it in style.



Glass tumbler with gold base: 8.99

Lastly I absolutely love how stylish and delicate these glass tumblers are.

Without being too over the top they look sleek and chic and would dress up any cabinet or table.