Food for Thought: A Short History of Guacamole 9 years ago

Food for Thought: A Short History of Guacamole

We need food and drink to survive, to nourish us and to keep us in tip-top shape. But did you ever wonder about the history behind certain foods and drinks?

This week we’re bringing you the history behind delicious guacamole.


Guacamole dates back to the 16th century and the Aztecs and comes from word, ahuaca-mulli, which literally translates as “avocado sauce” or “concoction”.

The traditional dish was made by mashing tomatoes, onions and avocados. The Spanish brought the idea back to Spain from the Aztec natives changing it up a bit to give it, its now more modern version.

Changing the name, the Spanish turned “ahuacatl” into “aguacate,” which gradually changed into “avocado” ­­and “ahuaca-mulli” became “guacamole.”

Archeological evidence shows that in fact avocado trees were cultivated in the American lands as early as 750 B.C.


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