A Short History of The Much-Loved Pancake 7 years ago

A Short History of The Much-Loved Pancake

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Yes it's almost pancake Tuesday, a day when fluffy cakes, sweet tooths and general gluttony is welcomed. Hoorah!


But ever wondered where the much-loved breakfast staple originated from?

Wonder no more, we've got all the answers.

It’s said that the origin of pancakes can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks who made a form of pancake known as τηγανίτης (taginites), derived from τάγηνον meaning "frying pan”.

These types of pancakes were made with wheat flour, olive oil, along with honey and curdled milk and were also said to have been made during Roman times.


According to The Nibble, one of the earliest written mentions of pancakes is in a culinary manuscript from the early 15th century. It’s said that the way it is mentioned implies that the term was already an established food term already though there are not many early mentions of the delicious treat!

Though not actually called a “pancake”, the French also have their take on the food which is the famous crepe. The thin slices can be filled with just about anything from savoury to sweet fillings and are now served all over the world.

Today pancakes are found across the globe with variations to be seen in all sorts of eateries.