Forget hustle culture, it's time to relax and unwind with Lidl 1 year ago

Forget hustle culture, it's time to relax and unwind with Lidl

Bought to you by Lidl

Relaxing, it's all the rage.


You'll be happy to hear that hustle culture is on the way out and it's about time too! These days, people are being encouraged to take time for themselves, take a breath, relax and unwind because isn't that what life is all about?

Contrary to popular belief, relaxing can take on many forms, is highly personal, and no, it doesn't have to involve a bubble bath... rejoice!

Whatever brings moments of joy to your day should be celebrated and we're thrilled to share that from May 2nd, Lidl has a wide-range of products on offer specifically designed to meet your relaxation needs, whatever they may be.

For some, it's playing sport. For others, it's unwinding with a good book, and we can't forget the benefits of chilling in the comforts of your own bedroom (shout-out to all the introverts). Thankfully, the new Lidl range covers a bit of all of the above. Ideal!


Check out some of our top picks below:

Exercise mat €9.99

Portable and pretty! Release some endorphins by laying out this stylish exercise mat in the comfort of your own home. For less than a tenner you'll feel the benefits of setting aside you time for the whole day.


Dumbbell Set €27.99

For those days when you know a workout would do you some good but you can't face heading into the gym, a set of at-home weights is sure to make it that little bit easier to get moving.

Abdominal Muscle Trainer €19.99


Or, if a more intense work out is what you're craving, this ab trainer is sure to give you all of those uplifting endorphins that come with any intense gym sesh, without you even needing to leave the house. Ideal!  Bluetooth headphones €17.99

You can't have a stellar exercise mat without some headphones to drown the world out! Listen to your favourite podcast while you unwind with Yoga or - if you're more like us - the latest Taylor Swift release and bop away to your hearts content.

Tower fan €17.99

With all the dancing you'll be doing to unwind, a fan will be completely necessary to keep you chilled and relaxed. The days are finally getting warmer, and this tower fan is sure to keep you cool as we head into the summer months.


7 Zone Mattress Double Size €129.99

Nothing says relaxation quite like a good night's sleep. If it's about time you upgrade your mattress for a new comfier model, this one looks like it'll have you drifting off in no time...

Mattress topper double size €69.99

And if you want to go the extra mile to ensure you get a good night's sleep, this topper is sure to add some extra comfort while protecting your brand new mattress. A match made in heaven...

Pillow €8.99

What's the point in having a glorious mattress topper if your pillow is no good? Treat yourself to a relaxing night's sleep with this enviably comfortable pillow.

Aside from our top picks above, there's a whole range of bedroom items on offer including duvets, mattress toppers and fitted sheets!

Assortment of paperback novels €4.99 and Colour By Numbers Book €3.99

Shut out the noise of the world by snuggling up with a good book. From May 2nd, Lidl will have an assortment of gripping paperback novels from just €4.99. You'll get nothing done for the whole day but honestly, who cares?

There are also some very adorable kids books available, in case any of the little ones in your life need some time to relax and unwind as well. There's also jigsaw puzzles on offer and even colour-by-number sets if you're feeling artistic.

Get yourselves to Lidl on May 2nd and let the relaxation begin.

Bought to you by Lidl