Forget hygge and lagom – there's a new Scandi lifestyle trend to obsess over 7 months ago

Forget hygge and lagom – there's a new Scandi lifestyle trend to obsess over

Count us in.

Feel like you are all clued in as far as Scandi lifestyle trends go with your hygge candles and blankets?


Brace yourself for something even better. As a Scandi myself, I am here to tell you the best lifestyle trend to come out of my part of the world has remained a well-kept secret – up until now.

You know how life often is so busy you feel like you barely have time to come up for air during the week? And then when it is finally the weekend, it sometimes almost comes and goes by the time you have started actually relaxing and getting into those weekend vibes?

Sounds familiar?

Lille-lørdag – the mid-week break you deserve


Well – meet lille-lørdag – or little Saturday – the Nordic tradition of taking a small break in the middle of the week.


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Essentially, what this means, is that instead of waiting a whole week for the weekend, Scandis take a midweek pause to celebrate life and remind themselves that the weekend is just two days away.


Historically, the tradition of Lille-Lørdag dates back to the 'olden days' when lords had servants and maids. The lord or lady’s staff would typically have time off on Wednesday evenings, meaning they could go out to dances and socialise. 

In more modern times, however, the day is less about actually being off work, and more about making it feel like a mini weekend – whether you celebrate with a drink with friends, a pamper session, an indulgent dessert or maybe just buy treating yourself to some fresh flowers or a G&T in the bath.

How is lille-lørdag celebrated?

In our house, we always upheld the Lille-Lørdag tradition – but exactly how we honour the day might change from week to week.


For instance, some Wednesdays, we might abandon dinner plans and get a sneaky fish & chips instead – or grab veggie tacos at our favourite local Mexican restaurant.

Other weeks we might invite family or friends over for a home-cooked meal, or simply snuggle up on the sofa for a mid-week movie night.

If you happen to be in a Scandinavian city like Oslo or Stockholm on a Wednesday evening, you'll soon realise that this can be rather a busy night on the town, as many young people take to their local bars and restaurants to enjoy a drink with friends.


The thing is – lille-lørdag is a rather flexible, adaptable concept, and one that can totally be incorporated to suit your lifestyle, schedule and family life.

And the best bit? You totally don't have to be Scandinavian to enjoy this tradition – so feel free to steal it!

What I love about the idea of a little 'mini weekend' in the middle of the week is that is gives you reason to just slow down and be present – something we all should be doing more of anyway.

Lille lørdag is the perfect opportunity to connect with friends or family more, indulge in some TLC, get into the kitchen and cook a meal from scratch or simply just take a little break and enjoy a glass of wine with your other half – no need to forever be waiting on the weekend to roll around once more.


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Ideas for how to celebrate lille-lørdag

Curious as to how you can adopt the concept of lille-lørdag for yourself? Take look you’ll find ideas for a much-deserved midweek pause:

1. Go on an after-work hike with friends

2. Bake a cake and invite someone over to eat it

3. Make a matcha latte (or hot chocolate) at home and curl up with a new book

4. Buy yourself flowers

5. Take a bike ride around the neighbourhood


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6. Book in for a massage

7. Order in – from somewhere you have been dying to try

8. Go dancing – go on, it's so much fun

9 Go to bed early and watch a movie in bed

10 Give yourself a mani-pedi

11 Invite your parents for dinner – and make their favourite food

12 Invite your bestie over for a homemade cocktail

13 Meet a friend for coffee

14 Call someone you haven't talked to in a long time

15 Go to the cinema and watch a new movie