A Friends themed Cards Against Humanity actually exists in this world 7 months ago

A Friends themed Cards Against Humanity actually exists in this world

Could you BE any more desperate to get this game?

Friends has been around for a long time.

Like, a really long time. Like, 1994 a long time.

10 years later, the show ended. That was in 2004, a whole 15 years ago. And yet, people are still hopping off Ross making margaritas, Rachel getting off the plane, and Monica having humid hair and subsequently braids.

It's the show that just keeps on giving, or rather, gave all it had to give and yet people can't seem to accept that it ended and move on with their lives.

Either way, Friends is here to stay in the form of memes, Comedy Central repeats, and memorabilia that'll set you back a lot of money but look lads, it's an iconic show, whatever.

Another way that Friends has decided to dominate the public psyche is via Cards Against Humanity.

Or rather, a Friends super fan has decide to create and sell their own version of a Friends themed Cards Against Humanity in a bid to keep the show's spirit alive and well.

And yeah, fair enough, like.

The game includes everything you could possibly want from a Cards Against Humanity deck - cards, blanks, and questionable answers.

And a load of Friends references too probably.

Create by Etsy user DaisystoreGifts, the deck is aptly called 'The One With All The Cards.' Earlier this year, it was retailing for about €50.00, and according to Pop Sugar, the price has since dropped to a cool €30.00 ($36.00).

Unfortunately for us though, the item doesn't actually appear to be for sale on Etsy any more.

This means that either DaisystoreGifts has sold out of her marvellous creation, or she simply couldn't take the fame and fortune that came with combining two of the most iconic pop culture phenomenons of this and last century.

Either way, we're hoping a few new decks pop up soon.

Your regular old drinking game could never.