There a fun new Lego-themed wedding cake trend 3 years ago

There a fun new Lego-themed wedding cake trend

And it's somehow still quite elegant.

When it comes to planning a wedding it probably feels as though there is 7 million details to organise, so for some people a quirky cake is not the priority.

However, if you're into doing something different when it comes to the sweet treat at the end of the meal, this might inspire you.

Lego seems to really be having a moment again lately. Though it's always been popular we've recently seen some non-traditional ways of using the blocks that are very impressing. For example, one woman's boyfriend recently made a make-up stand for her from the blocks. Another man even made a prosthetic leg for himself out of them.

This wedding cake is just another impressive example of how the Lego trend is taking off once again.


The adorable cake which was shared on Imgur shows some Lego people and their crane putting together this giant cake.

While one side of the cake is colourful, cute and playful, the other side which the Lego characters have 'finished building' is still the classic elegant white cake. It's the perfect combination.

This Lego wedding cake isn't the only one of its' kind however, as a quick glance at Pinterest and Instagram will show you that it's becoming a popular trend.