Fungie Facebook page issues statement as other dolphin appears in Dingle harbour 5 months ago

Fungie Facebook page issues statement as other dolphin appears in Dingle harbour

"Keep the faith."

A statement has been issued after a dolphin appeared in Baz Ashmawy's Instagram at Dingle harbour, leading many people to think that their beloved Fungie had returned.


Baz was in Dingle recently filming a documentary on Fungie when a dolphin surfaced right beside his kayak.

In the video you can see Baz kayaking and a little glimpse of something in the water beside him.

The presenter captioned the post: "Forget your 'big foot tapes'... Imagine my excitement today in Dingle Bay when I was kayaking with @irishadventuresdingle looking... Waiting.. and and this happened. Sadly it wasn't our Fungie... Croí Briste!"


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Of course, everyone thought the most loved dolphin in the world had returned from his little holiday. But sadly, that wasn't the case.

A statement was released on Fungie's official Facebook page, (yes, he has his own Facebook page) about the sighting.


It read: "There was reports of a dolphin in the harbour entrance yesterday but it definitely wasn't Fungie. There is a film crew in Dingle doing a documentary on Fungie. They went out in a dolphin boat and were accompanied by a kayak."

Obviously the locals were very interested in Baz's video and went straight out to sea to search for Fungie to see if the dolphin was anywhere around.

"A bottlenose dolphin did pop up between the boat and kayak," continued the statement.

"It was around for most of Monday but no sightings of it today. The Skipper of the boat has loads of experience of seeing Fungie every day and was 100% sure that it wasn't Fungie."


Locals clearly still haven't given up hope on finding the iconic dolphin though, as the the statement reads: "Keep the faith."