Gavin Glynn Fundraising Campaign Reaches Target Of €350,000 8 years ago

Gavin Glynn Fundraising Campaign Reaches Target Of €350,000

The fundraising campaign for Gavin Glynn has reached its target of €350,000 in just one week, Gavin's parents claimed today.

The "My Boy" campaign was launched by Jayne and John Glynn after they were told their child had a very rare form of cancer which required a new treatment only available in Texas.


According to the Mirror, the family have now reached the target for funds they needed for this operation and released this statement to the paper.

"We wanted to give you all an update on Gavin Glynn, who is currently in Texas undergoing tests for his new treatment. Within a week, the nation rallied around and has reached the 350 target.

"On behalf of the family and all involved, we really wanted to thank the media for all the support over the last week. We’ll keep you all informed with regular updates on Gavin’s process as he undergoes his 8 week treatment in Texas which will hopefully rid the cancer once and for all."

John Glynn, Gavin's father, also said in a statement: "Since we heard about the treatment available in Texas we set about trying to rally the troops.We knew we couldn’t afford the treatment but we were determined to give Gavin the chance he deserves.


"When we roped in friends to help us create our own awareness campaign I never, for one minute, expected this! We’ve been on TV, radio and all across people’s social media pages since we shared Gavin’s story.

"It’s snowballed and we’re eternally grateful to the people of Ireland for their overwhelming generosity and genuine, kind interest in our family’s battle.

"Every penny that has been donated so far is making a massive difference, allowing Gavin undergo treatment that he wouldn’t have otherwise been able to undertake.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Gavin and his family had flown to the States before they reached the target for funding but now he will get the treatment he needs.